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Life is crazy and every moment is precious! Enjoy life and live your dream! In 2010, entrepreneur Alexander Stadler laid the foundation stone for his company, which within a few years became the epitome of high-quality silver and gold jewelry. Since then, the brands LaViida and Momentoss Jewel have also made a name for themselves internationally with hand-finished creations. .

laviida schmuck silber sonneLAVIIDA SUN:
And it was light – not only the Bible begins with these words, but the history of mankind. Without the sun, there would be no light, warmth or life on our earth. No wonder that the big star was already considered a sign of power among the Egyptians. That's why we at LaViida choose this strong symbol.


Each of these pieces of jewelry made of silver 925 is a small masterpiece. In this way, each follower carries the soul of the LaViida philosophy: I love life. The beautiful necklaces, bracelets and earrings tell of experiences and wishes that we want to pass on as messages. LaViida jewelry reflects pure life. Modern, lively, delicate and romantic to express all our experiences and emotions. I love Life - every piece of jewellery should be a message! Just as we feel every day, jewelry is pure emotion.