Life, Leben, or Vida – life is as varied and versatile as the names it has in different languages. We from laViida turn this versatility, the joy and the love, into pieces of jewellery made of  Sterling Silver. Fashionable and vivid, delicate and romantic, simple and chic – that’s how the bangles and their pendants have to be in order to be able to express all our experiences and emotions. This is how our young brand of jewellery “Made in Italy” came into being – for each and every (in)tangible moment and with the message we want to spread with our jewellery: I Love Life!
Each of our jewellery pieces made of sterling silver is a little masterpiece in itself. With much love and passion for beauty our jewellery designers breathe the joy of life that we all know from the south into their charms and bracelets. In this way every single pendant carries in it the very soul of the laViida philosophy: I love life!
“Let there be light“ – not only the bible starts with these words, but also the history of mankind. Without the sun there would neither be light nor warmth nor life on our earth. No wonder this huge star was already a sign of power to the ancient Egyptians. Sun worshippers attribute magical powers to it and the sun is the symbol of the day. This is why we from laViida have chosen this powerful symbol: We want to wear and carry with us the life-giving power of the sun – every single day!
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